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 Graham Ogier Swimming Pools Ltd
What to Consider Beachcomber Garden Leisure Swimming Pools Services


Yes, we build swimming pools, however we also maintain swimming pools and therefore realise the importance of installing the best quality
equipment for ease of use and ease of maintenance.



Computer aided design (CAD) means that all plans and drawings can be
completed “in house”.  Indoor, outdoor, shaped or rectangular any
shape and size can be designed for particular needs.



Whether or not we have built you a swimming pool or installed one of our  luxury spa's and hot tubs, we can offer you a professional maintenance service.  Our team of dedicated staff will clean and service any pool or spa / hot tub, indoor or outdoor at your convenience.


2008 Sevice Charges


Pool Service Call: £27.00 based on our maintenance man taking up to 1hour to check the pool Ph and chlorine levels, backwash the sand filter, vacuum the pool, empty the skimmer baskets and pump basket, clean the tile band and adjust the pool chemicals.  If he takes longer then one hour we charge the number of hours times the hourly rate.


This is normally the summer charge for a full service.


Chemicals are left as and when the swimming pool requires them and changed accordingly.


Pool Call: £18.50 based on our maintenace man taking up to 1/2 hour tocheck the pool Ph and chloring levels, backwash the sand filter, check the skimmer baskets and pump basket and adjust the pool chemicals.


The Pool Call charge is normally genrated in the winter when the pool has a winter cover on and does not require a full service.


Assuring you of our best attention.