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Buying or Thinking about buying a Hot Tub?......THEN

Please, Please make sure you read this! 

Please take time out, make your self a cup of tea, pour yourself a wine, or beer and spend just ten minutes reading the following.  Buying a Hot Tub will mean you are about to part with a considerable amount of you hard earned income and we believe it is very important that you be given the opportunity to learn about what to look for when purchasing a tub, so as to ensure you buy well.


I decided about 8 years ago to purchase a Hot Tub for my family and I made sure I researched the market extensively and with over 100 Hot Tub manufacturers out there....boy did it take some researching!


Essentially I was focused on having a tub driven by quality, not by price.  a tub which offered the three key features I believed to be essential when buying a Hot Tub, which were:


1.Extreme Comfort

2.Exceptional hydro massage

3.Excellent energy effeciency


If you have yet to complete your research and have some tubs to evaluate and consider, all I politely ask is that you take time out to review our downloadable tips sheet to ensure you minimize your risk of buying the wrong tub.


Kindest Regards

Martyn Ogier, MISPE                       Click Here:What to look for in a spa

Managing Director